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“ManyOne’s Digital Universe will place a real-time window on our planet and all its societies into the hands of every citizen. The technology is vibrant and engaging. It really does what many thought Netscape would do – it creates relevant linkages to ‚Ä®provide real exploration for knowledge.”
General Wesley Clark
“Congratulations ManyOne after these years of hard work. You’ve joined scientists and educators all over the world…its the kind of tool we need to renew and restore life on our world.”
Dr. Jane Goodall
In 2003, Wired Magazine asked Marc Andreessen: “If you were to design the Netscape browser again, what would you do differently?” He responded: “I’d probably show some sort of graphical representation of a tree, so you could see what path you’re traveling on and could backtrack… and include thumbnails on the tree to show where you’d been.”
Marc Andreesson

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