Investment in Scientific Search Engine Optimization can have a very positive impact on your business.

“Organic/unpaid search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%” – Outbrain

Close Rates for Types of Leads

Outbound Leads (direct mail/print)
SEO Leads

UNTIL NOW, there have been TWO FORMS of SEO:
SEO based on what is on your pages (page content) AND Off-Page LINKS

NOW, ManyOne introduces SSEO:
SEO based on left-hand side of the dot registration of URLS

How SSEO Works

ManyOne puts the SCIENCE in Search Engine Optimization and GUARANTEED RESULTS you can count on.

  • ManyOne’s Scientific Search Engine Optimization (SSEO) leverages key linguistic phrases that are the virtual “map” to the internet
  • Focuses on search phrases vs. client name relationship to URLs (e.g. “Lower my Cholesterol” versus “Lipitor!”)
  • Proprietary methods which “herd the web spiders and crawlers” to a customer web site
  • Links URLs to a single URL in seconds vs. hours
  • Guaranteed Money-Back Results in 30 days
Search links clicked on that are organic 70%
B2B buyers that shop by using search engines first 93%

Use SSEO now with Instant Results!

NONE of the Tiresome SEO “Field of Dreams” Saga


Case Study –

Forward ranking domains on page 1 on at least 2 of the big 3 search engines.
Increase in the volume of 2+ minute sessions in the past 2 weeks alone.
Increase in the number of returning visitors in less than 30 days.
After only one month of “SSEO-ing” our page one presence is phenomenal. Visitors are staying longer on our site and return visitors have dramatically increased. People are finding us! The results are awesome.
Owners at,