Joseph P. Firmage
Joseph P. FirmageCEO
is the founder of ManyOne. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairs the Board of Directors for both ManyOne and the Academy of Science and Arts.

Mr. Firmage spent 12 years researching and pioneering breakthrough technologies in physics as well as defining a conceptual framework of economic development that culminated in the genesis of the Academy of Science and Arts. He is the founder of Serius Corporation, a pioneer of cross-platform “desktop programming” tools via a visual object-oriented programming system. Serius was later acquired by Novell, where Mr. Firmage was named Vice President of the AppWare Developer Tools Division. A short time later, he was promoted to the position of Vice President of Strategy for Novell’s leading-edge Network Systems Group.

Mr. Firmage left Novell to co-found and serve as CEO of USWeb Corporation. USWeb, later USWeb/CKS, became the world’s largest internet consulting enterprise, with more than 2,500 experts spanning 10 countries and serving more than 50 of the Fortune 100 companies. His professional career continued to expand as he founded, co-founded, served as a managing partner, or was otherwise significantly involved in several innovative enterprises. These endeavors included Intend Change Group, which oversaw the creation of OneCosmos Network (later reorganized as ManyOne), Electron Economy (later acquired by Viewlocity), Invesmart (later acquired by Stancorp), and Infrastructure. Defense (later acquired by Verisign).

Gloria Paramore
Gloria ParamoreManyOne Archival Historian
is the ManyOne Archival Historian and the Vice President of Administration for both ManyOne and the Academy of Science and Arts. She is a member of the Academy Board of Directors. She is an accomplished corporate professional with wide-ranging talents and interests. She is a partner in co-founding and organizing the early aspects of the Academy in its many functions. She has served as Executive Assistant or Corporate Secretary in the launch, development, and expansion of global enterprises such as Serius, Novell’s AppWare Division, USWeb, International Space Sciences Organization, ManyOne Networks, and Motion Sciences. Ms. Paramore has a career-long history of instrumental service in interfacing with investors, board members, science advisors, government officials, and politicians in projects too numerous to mention.

Previously, Ms. Paramore has served in many Board and Advisory roles in educational institutions, including serving as President of the Alumni Association of Brigham Young University, and as a Board Member of Airline Ambassadors. Co-Founding with its leader Edwin B. Firmage, she was instrumental in the successful effort to prevent the MX Nuclear Missile system from being deployed across Utah and Nevada and served as Executive Director of Utahns United Against the Nuclear Arms Race.

Matt Nielson
Matt NielsonExecutive Vice President of Engineering
Matt is ManyOne’s Executive Vice President of Engineering. A ManyOne veteran, Mr. Nielson has overseen database management of thousands of ManyOne domain names and has enhanced the implementation of ManyOne’s proprietary Mockingbird algorithm, (marketed as “GSEO” or Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization) technology, one of ManyOne’s four differentiators for our Main Street business practices.

Mr. Nielson has created and populated various ManyOne portals, resulting in more than 1,000 nodes and images in ManyOne’s taxonomy. He also developed a Javascript tool to convert embedded video and widget snippets from external websites into a form that could be incorporated into the portals of the ManyOne platform.

Mr. Nielson has uniquely deep roots with ManyOne. Twenty years ago, he worked alongside ManyOne CEO Joe Firmage. As Chief Scientist and Director of Development at Serius Corp., Mr. Nielson led engineering teams in the development of the original AppBuilder object-oriented software development tool. In 1993, Novell, Inc. acquired Serius and the flagship AppBuilder product for $24 million USD, and the technology was renamed AppWare. While at Novell, Matt re-implemented and enhanced the AppWare window object layout tools and headed cross-divisional consideration of human/machine interface issues.